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1st edition "Prize Tavella d' oro"

Prof. Mario Guderzo, art critic and director of the Gypsoteca of A. Canova - Possagno (TV)
award-winning in the Pino Casarini lounge at the Hotel Due Torri in Verona

2nd edition "Prize Tavella d' oro"

Sculptor Alessandro Guardini (Verona)
award-winning in the Kessler classroom at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona

3nd edition "Prize Tavella d'oro"

Painter, sculptor and photographer Andrea Facco (Verona)
award-winning in the Kessler classroom at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona

Aldo Tavella was a distinguished painter from Verona (1904-2004), graduated from the then Gian Bettino Cignaroli Academy of Fine Arts in Verona, of which, later, he was also director, so that, in 2014, was dedicated to a room of the Academy itself. The Tavella family, wishing to remember the figure and the important artistic activity of Aldo, assigns, every year, the "Tavella International Award" to Art, which, this year, at its third edition, has been renewed, under the artistic direction of Maestro Nicola Guerini.
The Prize, which is intended to promote, as Tavella himself thought, the great young talents of today, was awarded - in a crowded hall of the Scaliger Academy, May 18, 2018 - to the painter, sculptor and photographer from Verona, Andrea Facco, who, as concrete recognition was officially given a bust of Aldo Tavella, created ad hoc by sculptor Alessandro Guardini, bust, which is reading, interpreted by a previous famous bust, made and exhibited in the Academy of Verona itself, during the teaching and direction of Master Tavella. The occasion of the award was the reason for Facco to present a video of his, entitled "Escodentro", given by forty images, which depict, almost speaking, everything, in its real, while, at the same time, the same reality is becoming. Andrea Facco's work, in spite of the Parisian bohemians, who painted, after having sifted through the countryside, is an urban excursion, not only in the genres, styles and idioms of painting. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said that "everything intelligent has been thought of; you just have to think of it again".
This is the characteristic of Andrea Facco, used to thinking through images and philosophizing in the form of painting, as an eternal personal and intellectual challenge. Linked to the video cited, was the report by Beatrice Benedetti, art critic and director of the Gallery Box Art, Verona, a report focused on the birth of photography, on its relationship with painting - which, until the thirties of 1800, was the only means of reproduction of reality - and its evolution, until it became "art". Art, of which today's world is in great need, to give vent to the expression of the spirit, and, through this, to find refuge in the beautiful, in the high, and extract us from the daily material, which, if followed, destroys our being.
Pierantonio Braggio

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