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ALDO TAVELLA - (1909 - 2004)
A Veronese artist, teacher and director of the historic Accademia Cignaroli, Aldo Tavella has devoted himself, during his long career, to oil painting and fresco painting.
Born in Verona on 17 April 1909, after attending the N. Nani School of Art, he graduated in 1935 at the Accademia di Belle Arti Gian Bettino Cignaroli in Verona. The artist himself makes the beginning of his career coincide with the start of his apprenticeship by the fresco artist Angelo Zamboni, who allowed him to be artistically mature at the age of seventeen. In fact, Zamboni, who suffered from asthma, delegated the young Tavella immediately to fresco the ceilings of the churches. This formation of a fresco artist and decorator will then be poured into all his art, allowing the painter to dominate every technique.
Linked to the great Venetian pictorial tradition, derived from a systematic attendance of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Tavella has never abandoned that component linked to the Novecentist Italian tradition. His was an intense search for solutions to existential problems, made with the use of those instruments that belonged to him most: art and painting.
Present in many public and private collections as well as in the most important Italian and international art events, his artistic activity is marked by a succession of renowned awards: from participation in the Venice Art Biennale, in 1950, when he was awarded the prize silver "palette", to various initiatives that bear the name of' National Prize F.. Michetti ", at the" Quadriennale d' arte "in Rome and Turin, from the" First International Biennial of Marinara Art "in Genoa; from the" National Exhibition "in Messina, Rome, Monza, Gallarate; to the different" Biennial of Triveneta Art "in Padua and to all the" National Biennials".
He became professor at the Institute d’Arte Applicata in Bovolone, then, from 1967 to 1979 he was professor of figure drawn at the Liceo Artistico Statale in Verona, finally he became professor of painting disciplines (fresh and painting) at the Accademia di Belle Arti  Gian Bettino Cignaroli.
From December 1982 to 1985 he was Director Pro Tempore of the Accademia Cignaroli in Verona. Under his direction, the Accademia Cignaroli is recognized by the Italian State.

Renowned frescos painter of churches and palaces in the whole province of Verona, Mantova and Rovereto and known painter, linked to the great Venetian pictorial tradition in an intense work of searching for solutions to existential problems through art.
Man and artist with a strong temperament and great personality, with a particularly fervent creativity: his personal style and creative signature are recognizable in all his paintings, each with a valid construction system. His works are inextricably linked to colour, the dominant element of his painting, thanks to which he succeeds in conveying light, which constantly changes in the various phases of his artistic life.
The artist returns to the generation of post Cubism and Futurism, from whose legacy he did not let himself be influenced, interpreting all the themes treated with anti-Romantic coldness and experimentation of the emotions of colour, always based on the watchful conscience of the work.
He painted until the last few months of his life, representing the most diverse themes: still lifes; landscapes; sacred works of art; dreamy, fantastic or invented stories; portraits.
His works can be found in various public and private collections, both in Italy and abroad.
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