Affreschi - Aldo Tavella pittore

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Church of Marano
of Valpolicella (VR)

Above the entrance door is the mystery of the Holy Night.
From the child lying on the straw radiates a light that caresses Mary's face. St. Joseph is standing with the pilgrim's stick and the shepherds make him crown.  

The crucifixion is painted in the background crescent.
The reclined and solemn head of Christ of Christ makes a living contrast with the heaven shaken by clouds. The Mother is pitifully supported by her sister; the Magdalene at her feet seems to scream her pain; John looks at the Master almost incredulous.

Jesus blesses an infirm.

              The dome

  Church of Sant' Andrea Apostle
 in Romagnano (Grezzana)

Church of Fosse (Sant' Anna d' Alfaedo VR)

Details of the painting "Christ in the Cross"

Church of Borgonuovo (Verona)


Villa "La Tassinara" Desenzano del Garda

It was purchased by the Minister of Agriculture
on. Tassinari in 1934, which he entrusted to the painter
Aldo Tavella the restoration and rebuilding of the
Period 1939-1941

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